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Elite Detailing & Services
Standard Paint Sealant
Starting at $300
Our Standard paint sealant includes a 65% increase in paint clarity and defect removal followed up with a high polymer paint sealant that gives you deep gloss and clarity. This sealant typically lasts about 90 days.
Acrylic Paint Sealant
Starting at $450
Our Acrylic Paint Sealant is our most popular choice, it has great longevity lasting up to 15 months. The paint correction process gives you about an 85% increase in clarity and defect removal.
Ceramic Coat Exterior Finish
This package includes extensive cutting on multiple levels removing all defects, scratching ,etc… this is a 5 step process that will give you 100% clarity and visibility with no imperfections PERIOD. We use the finest quality glass coating on the market which is a hydrophobic, so it repels water, dirt, and anything that would try to bond itself to the paint. Glass coatings also create an exceptional amount of depth and gloss.
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